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Speech/Articulation Therapy

What is an articulation/speech delay? The delayed ability to develop word sounds. Concerns include:

  • difficulty being understood by unfamiliar listeners
  • difficulty combining sounds clearly
  • incorrect productions of individual sounds
  • difficulty coordinating lips, mouth, tongue movements to form words
  • placing sounds in the wrong position of words
  • omitting sounds in words

Language Therapy

What is a language delay? A language delay is the delayed ability to communicate wants/needs and comprehend spoken language. Sone concerns include:

  • Difficulty labeling and identifying objects/toys
  • Difficulty combining words to form phrases/sentences
  • Difficulty utilizing appropriate grammar structures
  • Difficulty describing pictures/actions
  • Difficulty retelling information
  • Difficulty asking and answering questions
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Difficulty understanding a story

Feeding Therapy

What is a feeding delay? The delayed ability to eat and drink safely based on established milestones. Delays include:

  • nutrient deficiencies (leaving out food groups from food inventory such as vegetables or meat)
  • Ongoing difficulty with weight gain/maintaining healthy weight
  • Avoiding specific food textures
  • Incidents of nasal reflux
  • Difficulty weaning off baby foods
  • Difficulty transitioning to solid foods from breast/bottle
  • Infant crying/arching with meals
  • Feeling mealtimes are a challenge/battle
  • Reporting your child as a picky eater consistently to others
  • Established cleft palate diagnosis
  • Coughing or choking with meals
  • Children requiring tube feeds
  • Fragile feeders with known medical diagnosis

Lactation Services

We provide in-home services for breastfeeding mothers tailored around the baby’s feeding times. We prioritize mother’s goals and focus on well fed babies, offering direct breastfeeding and bottle feeding support. As your breastfeeding journey develops, we continue to provide support at every step of your journey and provide you with resources to help make the most out of your experience.

Where Services Are Provided


We conveniently provide therapy in your home and child’s natural environment. We provide in-home therapy to Benzie, Leelanau, and Grand Traverse Counties.


Not in the Greater Traverse City region? No problem! We provide safe and secure therapy services via telehealth.


Need therapy to accommodate your busy schedule? We understand the chaos of life and working parent schedules. We provide services out in the community such as daycare centers.


We offer evaluations for individual areas of concern, such as speech, language, feeding or lactation. We also schedule combination evaluations that assess multiple areas of concern during one evaluation time. An evaluation is dynamic and interactive lasting around 90 minutes. Typically, evaluations consist of standardized assessments, clinical observation, parent input, and review of your child’s medical history. With this comprehensive format, we can hone in on the best plan of care for your child including specific goals. The clinician will review evaluation results, individualized therapy treatment recommendations, and frequency of therapy sessions.


Therapy is provided on a one-to-one basis. Therapy will look different depending on your child’s goals and strengths. Therapy sessions are hands on and utilize evidence-based practice techniques through a play-based learning approach. Treatment sessions last around 45 minutes with 15 minutes allotted at the end of the session to answer any questions and review strategies/ provide ideas for parent carryover throughout the week. Goals are revised as your child makes progress. We celebrate all big and small milestones! 

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